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Pre.order: How? When? Why?

The pre.order is a new model of conscious production and consumption, and you can be a part of it right now.

Every year the amount of unsold garments remains a central and yet unresolved issue. To tackle this problem, more and more sustainability-oriented brands are making it possible for their clients to reserve their pieces of clothing before they are actually produced.

And here it comes the pre.order: a mindful purchase that allows us to minimize the waste and maximize the measured use of resources. An ethical choice, a real and effective way to contribute to a zero-waste logic production, that is a supporter of a circular and at the same time virtuous economy. Pre.ordering makes the garment you order a sustainable one, which is to be created just for you and with due regard for the environment. 

Placing a pre.ordering or a regular order: what’s the difference?

When you usually order a piece of clothing, what you will get is the final product, a ready-made garment intended for the general customer and available in an amount that quite often exceeds the actual request. In doing so, inventories are produced. The same pieces of clothing that previously demanded a high outflow of resources to be made, now have turned into a harmful waste.

On the other hand, If you buy a pre.order, you enable us to produce only the requested quantity of garments, thus removing the overproduction and its detrimental effects. The purchase you receive directly at home, has in itself an added value, the one that really answers a question we are frequently asking ourselves: How can I in my small way help to change for the better the compromised condition of the Earth? Denim Pre.order: How does it work? Denim Pre.order works just like a regular online order, however next to the information about your Jeans, you’ll see the days you have left for buying a pre.order, too. If you pre.order before the countdown expires, you will get a pair of jeans made just for you using only the necessary resources and that can keep an eye not only on today’s fashion, but the one of tomorrow, as well. This is undoubtedly a unique garment in your wardrobe. 

At last “in time for Christmas” is no more a synonym for “consumerism”

We often wish we could give back to Christmas the true values that are usually associated with it. Denim is therefore committed to contributing to this, by proposing our customers a greener Christmas thanks to a pre.ordered present. If you choose your gift by placing a pre.order, we are making it and delivering it for Christmas.

Our special gift, common to us all, is a gesture of attention to the environment that surrounds us.


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