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The Brand Denim was founded in 2014 by two cousins, is, indeed, an acronym for Parimbelli cousins.

The idea is to create a brand that produces high-quality jeans in Italy in a sustainable way. This translates into a rethinking of the jeans production chain, immediately applying sustainability policies in the choice of raw materials, accessories, suppliers, collaborators and partners.

The values of respect for the environment and the dignity of workers characterize the personal beliefs of founders, also reflected in the brand. Furthermore, a deep and direct knowledge of the denim world and its potential for improvement towards the creation of more respectful and ethical products has allowed the two founders to have a value compass that could guide them in their productive, commercial and communicative choices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make quality jeans leaving the least possible impact on the planet.

We are committed to using ethical and sustainable practices in the development and production of all products. Our jeans are produced in Italy, locally and with sustainable raw materials, fibres and washes through an ecological and cruelty-free process.
We aim to make our customers aware of the value of local production with sustainable materials with a view to a global reduction in consumption and greater attention to the environment, aiming to purchase quality products that last over time. The company’s objectives include circular production processes, digital enhancement, partnerships with companies that share the same values and vision.

Our Vision

We dream of becoming a digital business with a circular economy approach, low waste and carbon neutral.

We hope to do our part to improve and change the second most polluting industry in the world: fashion. To set the standard for green and ethical production practices and encourage others to join the movement, we want to be a brand for which it feels good to buy and to wear.

The Founder

“As a Finnish-Italian, I believed we could learn from the ethos and values ​​of certain northern European countries. To me, sustainability is a phenomenon that goes beyond the clothing industry. At we try to show that there is an alternative model includingboth environmental sustainability and ethical relationships with suppliers, clients and partners. It’s about thinking in moral terms, not only business terms”




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1.000+ Happy Customer

1.000+ Happy Customer

Customers who share common values by investing in our jeans

Awards Won

Awards Won

Highest rating of the Animal Free project of Anti Vivisection League (LAV)

14 Years of Experiences

14 Years of Experiences

in Denim world.

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