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The concept of circularity in fashion implies reconsidering a product’s life at the end of its use. I don’t use it anymore, it’s worn out, so I throw it away. It is becoming clearer and clearer how this attitude must change to avoid a huge waste of resources and raw materials.

But let’s take a step back. The intention of circularity is to give new life to waste. But let’s start focusing on extending the life of the product – as much as possible – while we still own it. For denim jeans in particular this is very easy. Our jeans are versatile and durable. Besides, denim jeans care is effortless. The key is knowing how to choose fits and styles that satisfy us and that we will love forever. So much that we will take great care of them. In this way, we value the garment and extend its lifecycle.

There are a few simple rules to respect for denim jeans care and washing.

First of all, when you have a new pair of jeans, you might think about not washing them before wearing them a few times. This way you will make your jeans a unique garment. The way you move or sit will contribute to the natural consumption of indigo on the surface of the jeans in a unique way.

Jeans can be easily refreshed in the fresh air, but when the time comes that you need to wash them, here some useful tips.

Machine washing
Wash jeans inside out, after closing buttons or zips; opt for a cold program or at most 30 degrees; high temperatures could damage the color or shrink the fabric, also you will save electricity. Opt for a full load washing, otherwise the trousers could be marked by tapping on the basket.
Consider low spinning and never use the dryer! Let drying in the open air, but in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight.

Hand washing
Prepare a bowl with cold water and a little detergent, soak the jeans for half an hour, squeeze and stretch out from the waist, letting it drip. Avoid direct sunlight.

Remember, natural fresh air could be a real game changer, especcially during spring and summer time!

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