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We have big news for the next collection. The denim fabric is even greener!

Let us introduce to the denim fabric for 2020 collection. That’s Bio Eco Denim. We are very proud to have chosen this fabric. It comes from one of our trusted suppliers Berto Industria Tessile. An Italian company with more than 130 years of history.

The first characteristic of this precious fabric is the indigo with which it was dyed.

 First of all, indigo is the dye characterized by the typical blue color. It is used to dye the warp, the thread that intertwining with the weft will form the denim fabric. Unlike the indigo generally used, of synthetic origin, this is natural. It derives from the processing of the leaves of the Indigofera Tinctoria. A plant that is grown in southern India. 

The cultivation of plants takes place in the total exclusion of harmful chemicals. Also, the dye is extracted from the leaves through a process of bio-fermentation in water. Besides, the waste material resulting from this process is used as fertilizer for the soil itself. Furthermore, this production promotes the development of the local economy. Also, it favors the employment of the inhabitants of many Indian villages.

The fabric’s raw material is organic cotton. It grows with methods and products with low environmental impact. Also GOTS certified.

Organic cotton differs from traditional cotton for various reasons. Firstly, neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers are used during cultivation. Secondly, cotton does not come from genetically modified seeds. Thirdly, cultivation takes place according to the crop rotation method. That maintains the soil more fertile and requires less water and prevents contamination.

In particular, for this fabric, cotton is collected in India by Gujarat by Cotton Corp. – Gill Company. Always in India, the ginning continues and is then spun in a manufacture in Cene, near Bergamo.

Finally, the Bio Eco Denim is woven by our supplier Berto Industria Tessile. This company implements sustainable and circular production policies. Also, they recognize the importance of eliminating dangerous substances from the production cycle. Indeed, they signed the Detox commitment promoted by Greenpeace since 2016. 

Find outfits and models made by the Bio Eco Denim fabric, both for women and men. Discover more in our shop.

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