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The second stop of the column “sustainable ideas from Bergamo is with Make You Greener, the project by Sonia and Valeria.

Their journey started just a year ago. In october 2019 they embarked on an exciting adventure with the online launch of the Make You Greener website, the home-base to start a journey towards a greener world together with them.

Make You Greener is an outstanding example of under-30s female entrepreneurship for sustainability.

MYG operational base is in the province of Bergamo. However, they aim to open up to the world and their dream is to work while travelling surrounded by natural beauty both in Italy and worldwide. In addition to a strong will and sensibility, the girls – and also their young and international team – are skilled and professionals. Sonia has a background in foreign economics and is experienced with natural cosmetics and zero-waste skin care products. Valeria, who graduated in Law, has an experience in Communication and a Master’s Degree in International Politics.


The idea is both simple and brilliant: proposing a facilitator for the ecological transition. In particular, they created an e-commerce for the conscious consumer. For those who, in the hectic pace of everyday life, struggle to find the time to search, analyse and try alternative products – natural and plastic-free- missing from mass distribution, they have a solution.
In facts, Make You Greener helps in the research, selecting and proposing the best products that allow to live the day in a more sustainable way and with less waste.

By conceiving products in kit, according to the occasion of use, is very easy to start a path starting from everyday life.

Their first kit is thought for personal care. The #MYGbath kit with a bamboo toothbrush, a natural glass toothpaste, a shampoo & solid conditioner, a solid bath foam and a bamboo pad. A real innovation and soon there will be news for the next kits!

MYG’s business doesn’t end there, on the contrary.

The team is a consultant for all types of activities.

Indeed, Make You Greener can provide a consultancy service and wholesale supply of tableware, containers and products made with alternative materials to disposable plastic for small businesses, companies and events.

A key part of their activity is their communication.

The team is actively involved in social media and with the site’s blog, the Ecodiary. They offer a simple but eye-catching communication, presenting themselves as a lightweight eco-friendly lifestyle guide. MYG founders think that everybody in their own little way and with their flaws may contribute to making the planet greener and less grey.

For the past few weeks, the two girls have been on the road.

They are literally crossing our peninsula on the road to discover the greener Italy, telling the experience on the blog Italia Greener.

The aim is to promote and support sustainable reality such as agritourisms, b&b’s, and Italian farms, unveiling the efforts of several small businesses. Perhaps it can also be a chance to think about a slow vacation in the nature.

All you have to do is start following MYG to get inspired and involved in their journey!

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