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Collaborating means a synergistic relationship between two or more entities that work together to produce something better than what they could do on their own.

About our collaboration with Good Sustainable Mood, we could talk a lot. That’s because it is about a commonality of purpose, vision, and effort towards promoting sustainability. Also, the collaboration was born from respect, exchange and a similar vision of fashion.

With Good Sustainable Mood we share ideas, hopes, creativity, and skills in order to grow, improve and make ourselves known. You can find Parco Denim’s story and values ​​on our site, so now we present their brand below.

Good Sustainable Mood is a brand that was born in Parma in 2019, from professionals with many years of experience in the sector. Their clothes are the result of innovation, quality of materials, professionalism and a lot of passion. In a nutshell, the real Made in Italy. But with an extra value: sustainability. Indeed, they carefully select materials and suppliers. In addition, they collaborate with the excellence of the territory. Furthermore, from design to construction, the attention to every detail is designed and worked with passion for both design and the environment.

After all, aren’t jeans with t-shirts the best basic combination?!

Good Sustainable Denim
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