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Fashion Revolution Week

Again this year, Fashion Revolution Week is back. Indeed from the 20th to 26th April 2020.

Fashion Revolution Week is the most important campaign of the Fashion Revolution global movement.

It takes place in April because it is the anniversary of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh. On April 24th of 2013, an eight-storey building collapsed in Dhaka. There were located five different textile factories of international brands. The collapse killed more than 1100 people and injured more than 2500.

Beside that, during this week, citizens, activist and journalists encouraged brands and manufacturers to respond with various hashtags such as #imadeyourclothes. So that they can demonstrate transparency in their supply and production chain.

Fashion Revolution week
Fashion Revolution week

The global movement #FashRev is taking action on findings and encouraging brands to take urgent and concrete steps towards greater transparency. 

So, following their incentive, here you have an update on our commitments because we believe in the movement.

First of all, the process of disclosing our manufacturers and suppliers -right down to raw material level- is ongoing. As a first step, you can read our article about the new fabric we used for collection 2020. There, you can find how we track the first big step of our supply chain. 

Moreover, we share information about the steps the brand is taking to be a responsible business partner to our suppliers. Indeed, you can find more information in the workshop section of our website.

Right now, our team is evaluating the process of setting and collecting environmental data. We are considering data about the amount of carbon emissions, water consumption, pollution and waste created throughout our value chain. Our hope is doing our part to improve the second most polluting industry in the world: fashion. Within other things, we dream of becoming a low waste and carbon neutral business.

Finally, we share the contact details of the brand’s Sustainability Ambassador, so there is an open line of communication with our customers and stakeholders.

Read here the #FashRevWeek FAQ

Who is Denim? Denim is an Italian brand with a sustainable soul. Our are eco-jeans. 100% Made in Italy. With a rethinking of the jeans production chain, we applied from the beginning sustainability policies and standards. Therefore, we carefully select and choose raw materials, accessories, suppliers, collaborators, and partners. The headquarters is in Bergamo, Italy.

Where are your products made?

The production takes place in Italy. Every step. In addiction, we rely on small-sized local craftsmen and companies. They are placed within 35/40 km from Bergamo, where Denim headquarters is located. So, our production chain is short and local.

How are your products made?

Our garments are artisanally produced, not industrially. Cutting, sewing, washing and assembling processes happen in local craftsmen place and small companies. Also, we have carefully chosen partners for each step of our short production chain. Moreover, our industrial laundry partner uses eco-friendly washing and eco-aging process. Furthermore, laser technology can help up getting the vintage look for our jeans.

Are your products made by organic cotton?

You bet. Our jeans are made of denim fabric with certified organic cotton. Specifically, with the certification by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Certified organic cotton defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain. It also requires compliance with social criteria.

Are you a cruelty-free brand?

Yes, our garments are cruelty-free. Indeed, we got the Animal Free certification from LAV (Anti Vivisection League) by getting their highest rate because we gave up using any animal fur, feather, silk, leather or wool. 

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