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Italian sustainable brand

Friends of Vesti la Natura often tell how many Italian fashion companies have undertaken ethical and sustainable production.

For this reason, as well as for greater consumer attention, sustainable fashion is also emerging in Italy. The website highlights how, among others, a brand like ours is committed to a more sustainable production, which is also equivalent to a socially ethical production. It was an honor to have been included in their top ten as an Italian sustainable brand.

This is because our brand was born to make denim jeans for men and women. But not only that. Indeed, our products are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and with a refined design. We put all possible effort into producing quality jeans.

In particular, a lot of attention is paid to the washing phase.

When the denim fabric is “washed” on the surface, the garment appears more worn. With more character and personality. This represents a very delicate phase in terms of environmental impact. For this reason, specialized industrial laundries carry out the washing process. Because they employ sustainable techniques. Thanks to the use of ice, natural resins, and eco-aging, indigo fading is obtained on jeans. This also softens the fabric.

Besides, we have also introduced laser technology, which allows us to obtain vintage effects on products without the use of water and with a very low environmental impact.

To define ourselves as a sustainable brand, we immediately structured our production chain in a relevant way. We created a short, local, and 100% Made in Italy supply chain.

We offer eco-friendly, cruelty-free jeans and without the use of dyes or toxic substances. Check out our shop.

Italian sustainable brand

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