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Sustainability should be above all for fashion brands. 

For the Made in Italy as well. That is the top trend that emerges in The State of Fashion 2020 report. It shows the overall state of the fashion industry. Furthermore, it reveals how important is a sustainable formula for this sector. Consequently, more ethical and eco-friendly brands are needed. 

Thus, sustainable fashion seems a global thing nowadays. But, how about the Italian dimension? How about the relationship between sustainability and the well known Made in Italy. Well, in the list of Top sustainable brands 2019drawn up by Stylight, Made in Italy brands are missing. It seems odd since Made in Italy has a tradition of craftsmanship and local production. 

So, Elle Italia magazine found out ethical and eco-sustainable fashion brands.

Those which produce in Italy, so that they can keep high the name of Italian -and sustainable- style. And more, the magazine included our company on the list! At Denim, the production of high-quality jeans is ethical and there is a significant reduction of water and chemical consumption. Also, Denim garments are 100% cruelty-free. We reached the highest rating of the Animal Free project of the Italian non-profit organization Anti Vivisection League (LAV).

Our mission is to make quality jeans leaving the least possible impact on the planet.

We are committed to using ethical and sustainable practices in the  production. Also, we aim to make our customers aware of the value of local production with sustainable materials. 

Moreover, we hope to do our part to improve and change the second most polluting industry in the world: fashion. That is confirmed by Ellen MacArthur Foundation esteems. Also, we would like to encourage others to join a greener and more ethical production.

Discover more about our story and our values.

Ethical brand Made in Italy
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