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Why a Green Weekend?

The rationale of fast fashion is a way of “consuming” in a rapid way. The time frame in which the garment is used is short. It quickly no longer reflects the seasonal trend.

Then one does not realize that the price is low because the quality of the raw materials and the cost of labour are low. Often workers are paid very little. Besides,  they work in conditions where their rights are not always respected.

Many consumers, once they became aware of these problems, began to look at brands that offered a slower and more ethical fashion system. Rediscovering the values of quality, respect for the environment, workers in the production chain and their human and professional rights.

At Denim we value all this. We choose natural and sustainable raw materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton. We respect our suppliers and the trusted relationship that binds us. We pay attention to protecting the natural environment.

Our clients are also fundamental. When choosing our products, they support our values. For those who have known us for a long time and for those who do not yet have a Denim jeans, we dedicate the first weekend of discounts in 2020.

On the website, from Thursday 26th to Monday 30th November it’s Green Weekend! We offer you the opportunity to buy a sustainable garment in a conscious way, at a lower price.

Discover all men’s and women’s models in the special e-commerce category.

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